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Buy Or Sell Marriott Marbella Beach Club Time Share

Buy or Sell Marriott Marbella Beach Club Time Share

Want to Buy or Sell Marriott Marbella Beach Club Time Share? We buy and sell Marriott Marbella Silver, Marbella Gold, Marbella Gold Holiday and Marbella Beach Platinum. We are UK Trading Standards Approved and Awarded.   Email

Selling a Marriott Marbella Gold, Gold Holiday or Platinum Week? Very Fast Sales, buyers waiting right now for 2016 weeks. No upfront fees, costs, advertising fees or any other costs, just register free for a fast sale. SELL MARRIOTT MARBELLA BEACH CLUB

When you buy a Marriott Marbella Timeshare Resales from Time Travellers you can holiday as per the seasons shown on the right at Marbella.

You can of course exchange with Interval International as top PREMIER EXCHANGE to ANY of the Marriott Vacation Club Resorts or to any other Interval Resort, same as if you bought at the resort - only much cheaper!

What Are The Marriott Timeshare Seasons?

Marriott Timeshare Seasons are split up into times of the year depending one the resort and location, here are the Marriott Marbella Seasons For 2015:

Marriott Silver:   Weeks 1 to 6 + 9 to 11 + 45 to 50. Jan and 1st 2 week of Feb. 1st 3 weeks in March. 3 weeks in Nov and 1st 2 weeks in Dec.

Marriott Gold:  Weeks as above plus: Weeks 14 to 20. + 24 to 26. + 35 to 40. April and 1st 3 weeks of May. Last 3 weeks of June and last week in August until 2nd week in October.

Marriott Gold Holiday:  As above plus School Holiday times: Weeks 7 & 8. + 21, 22, 23. + 41 to 44. + 51 & 52. Feb half term weeks. Spring bank Hol last week of May and 1st 2 weeks of June. October Half term mid Oct to 1st week in Nov. Xmas & New Year. ( All year except July and 3 weeks in August ).

Marriott Platinum:   Any time of the year.

For more help and info on Marriott Seasons or buying and sellng Marriott:

Marbella Spain Marriott Time Share. Nominated for Best Timeshare in the World 2015

Marriott Marbella Availability - Many more weeks available

Weeks Urgently Required - Buyers Waiting FREE REGISTRATION. We buy and sell Marriott Marbella Time Share.
Email us about Marriott Marbella or other resorts or use a fast form below

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Marbella Beach Resales

Marriott Marbella PLATINUM Season Weeks

Marriott Marbella Platinum 2 Bed 2017   £8495

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Marriott Marbella GOLD HOLIDAY Season Weeks

Marriott Marbella Gold Holiday 2 Bed 2016 £2995
Marriott Marbella Gold Holiday 2 Bed 2016 £3495
Marriott Marbella Gold Holiday 2 Bed 2016 £4395

Marriott Marbella GOLD Season Weeks

2 Bedroom Marriott Marbella Gold sleep 6 -  2016 Booking  £2295
2 Bedroom Marriott Marbella Gold sleep 6 - 2016 Booking £2295

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Marriott Marbella SILVER Season Weeks

Marriott Marbella 3 Bed 2015 Use £1495
Marriott Marbella 2 Bed 2016 Use £995
Marriott Marbella 1 Bed 2015 Use £995
Marriott Marbella 1 Bed 2015 Use £995
Marriott Marbella 1 Bed 2015 Use £995
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Your Marriott Marbella Time Share

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  • Pride of ownership, you will own the World's best timeshare brand and our best selling Marriott Marbella Beach Resort
  • Marriott Marbella Spain Ownerships are until 2076
  • Choose us for your Marriott Timeshare Resale At Marbella Beach Club and we take care of all the paperwork and legals on your behalf, nice and easy
  • All our weeks are clear title and checked with Marriott before proceeding with the sale, we have no hidden fees, surprises or costs.
  • We have lots and lots of happy Marriott Marbella buyers and sellers from around the World, we are highly professional at all times

If you want to buy or sell Marriott Timeshare Resales at Marbella Beach Club or have other questions regarding our Marriott Timeshare Resales at Marriott Marbella Beach - Marbella Beach Club, simply drop us a form or send us an email: → Enquire now - Buying → Enquire now - Selling Weeks Urgently Required - Buyers Waiting


marriott Timeshare

Marriott timeshare is considered the best in the World. Award winning and with standards that don't disappoint. It is a Marriott Beach Resort Spain or Marriott Marbella Resort. Want to find out more about Marriott Marbella Buying or Selling and how it all works?

Our clients have high expectations and these are amply met at any of the Marriott Timeshare Resorts. If you want lots of fun, big beaming smiles from everyone on your holiday and a holiday to long for every year, then look no further!

No matter where you live in the World we look forward to being of service to you with our Marbella Marriott Resort

UK Trading Standards

We are proud that we have been awarded the UK Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Award for 2016 (we have held the awardevery year withour break)

We have also been members of the TCA (Timeshare Consumers Association) since 1997 and were established as a company back in 1987, giving us a successful track record of 29 years much respected UK trading.

Established 1987

At Time Travellers we have been selling Timeshares for over 29 years and are members and preferred recommended vendors of the Timeshare Consumers Association and Trading Standards Approved

We have been selling Marriot Timeshare Resales for over 12 years.

We offer good old fashioned service and choice, backed by rock solid ethical principles.

Our Credentials

We are proud of being approved by the UK Government Trading Standards "Buy With Confidence" scheme and have held the award every year without fail,

When buying Marriott Timeshare we are second to none in value and service and offer a full 70% buy back.

We also have a full 14 day cooling off period and absolutely no sales push or pressure. We look forward to being of service

Why we are best

Here at Time Travellers we are ethical. We are proud of our hard earned reputation for being fair and straight.

We offer the best deals, with the best service, and have an above board pricing policy.

We are not fee collectors. We do not make false promises of sales values to collect a resales fee. Our registrations are completely free and all valuations are realistic

time travellers are marriott specialists.

We make choosing and buying your Marriott Marbella Beach timeshare ownership nice and easy. Simply choose one of our current weeks and you will find all the fees transparently laid out. There is the cost of the ownership week, a once only payment, there is the Marriott legal transfer fee to put the ownership into your name, which is £249 per week and lastly there is an annual fee to keep your Marriott timeshare resort in top condition, this is called the management fee (sometimes called the maintenance). A two bedroom at Marbella Beach Club in 2013 for instance is €886

Buying Marriott's Timeshares Is Easy - Choose your Marriott Marbella Beach Resale and let us do all the rest

Once you have chosen your ideal ownership we will promptly put everything in motion. All is done from the comfort of your own home,by email and post. We deal with Marriott in Florida and Ireland and ensure the safe transition of your new ownership into your names.

Mail for more info to Buy Or Sell Marriott Timeshare

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